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About Sock Aid

With its innovative and unique design, this sock assist aid is unlike any other sock aid or assistant on the market. Where otheraidscan be awkward and clumsy to use, sometimes not even succeeding in helping you, Sock Aid® has been designed to bring efficient support to anyone with mobility problems. Even without the use of both hands, this product will bring back the simplicity of wearing your socks. One simple step and they are on, one swift movement and they are off.

+ easy on


1. Hold Easy On Sock Aid® between thighs, ensuringthat the end with the keyhole shaped slot is pointing upwards.

2. Lay sock in the hollow of the Easy On Sock Aid® . The heel of the sock should rest upon the slot, with the toe of the sock pointing downwards.

3. Pull sock apart and roll it down over the tube. Once it is pulled down as far as possible, the sock will be turned inside out and opened up.

4. Place hand in sock and make sure the heel is in the correct position for entry.

5. Lower the Easy On Sock Aid® to the floor. Position your toes with the foot straight over the open sock and push into the sock. Step gently and foot should slide into the sock as far it can go.

Elektrischer Rollator

+ easy off


1. Assemble the two Easy Off Sock Aid® components by sliding them together.

2. Grasp the Easy Off Sock Aid® and slide the pronged end of the tool between the top of the sock and the ankle. Push it right down so that your heel is positioned comfortably in the slot. The two prongs should catch the cuff of your sock.

3. Step down fully with your foot then drop the handle to the floor and tread on it with your other foot. This will allow you to lever out of the sock easily. Your removed sock will remain attached to the prongs of the Easy Off Sock Aid® .

4. Roll the handle of the Easy Off Sock Aid® with your other foot to return the Easy Off Sock Aid to an upright position and bring your sock straight to your hand.

E-Rollator Transportbox

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For orders to Australia and New Zealand please contact our exclusive distributor in Australia on www.sockaid.com.au For orders to Turkey please contact our exclusive distributor in Turkey on www.limbotr.com

Our unique sock aid is popular with customers in almost all countries in the world, however if you still don't see your country in our sending offer - on our Pay Pal buttons, please contact us at info@sock-aid.com with an inquiry about a price of postage to your country.

You can also find us on facebook, tell your friends about us. Our sock aid can help other people who need help with putting socks on either because of various health problems, after a surgery or in pregnancy.

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Sock Aid Easy On, Easy Off/set

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Sock Aid Easy On, Easy Off/set

Sock Aid Easy On, Easy Off /set
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Returns conditions

If you need to return something to Advanced S.A. International Ltd, please contact us on info@sock-aid.com. You will then be issued with a returns reference specific to your order. You must not return goods to Advanced S.A. International Ltd before contacting us and arranging the returns details. Please see the information below about specific circumstances.

Damaged goods

If you receive your goods and they have either been damaged in transit or are in some way faulty, we'll be happy to accept them back and send a replacement, or refund you in full. In these circumstances, you must contact us immediately on the email address above and we will make the necessary arrangements on your instruction.

Goods unsuitable

We also accept the return of goods even if they are delivered without fault or damage, but you assess them as unsuitable for your requirements. Under these circumstances the price of the items concerned are refunded, but there may be charges to cover the handling and carriage costs involved. Again, please contact info@sock-aid.com and we will make the necessary arrangements.


Upon receipt of the goods we will refund the amount paid or issue an exchange credit as required within 28 days. Exceptions to this are as follows: When the products have been made or customised specifically for you; the products can not be resold for hygiene reasons e.g. toileting and incontinence items. If goods are returned beyond the seven day period but with 21 days of delivery, there will be a 20% charge to cover additional administration and restocking costs. None of the above affects your statutory rights. Advanced S.A. International Ltd complies with the The Consumer Protection Distance Selling Regulations 2000.

+ Sucess Stories

With its innovative and unique design, this sock assist aid is unlike any other similar product on the market. Where other aids can be awkward and clumsy to use, sometimes not even succeeding in assisting you, Easy On Sock Aid®has been designed to bring efficient support to anyone with mobility problems. Even without the use of both hands, this product will bring back the simplicity of wearing your socks. One simple step and they are on, one swift movement they are off. The Easy On Sock Aid®and Easy Off Sock Aid®have been recently developed and is a new product in the market for mobility needs. It was initially designed with elderly people in mind but it provides a wide use for customers with various mobility related issues. It is useful for those suffering from problems related to the spine and back, coxal and knee weakness and other articular diseases as well as patients after injury, pregnant woman. It has also been shown to prove beneficial to people suffering from excess weight. These medical aids are suitable for putting on and off of all kinds of socks including nylons and special medical light compressive stocking. You'll be amazed how easy you can pull on and off your socks with our Easy On Sock Aid®and Easy Off Sock Aid®without the help of others and no need to bend down. It can even be used with one hand only.

Easy On Sock Aid® and Easy Off Sock Aid® helps me in everyday life with putting on and taking off my socks. When I had an operation on my hip recently it became really painful for me to bend and move my leg. My husband was having to help me a lot but after trying the Easy On Sock Aid® and Easy Off Sock Aid®I am now able to dress myself as usual.
When I was pregnant I could put on and take off my socks but it wasn’t comfortable or easy for me to do. I tried the Easy On Sock Aid®and Easy Off Sock Aid® and it was a real help – It meant I no longer had to strain by bending over and could dress myself without puting any presure on my baby.
I suffer from back pains and it's extremely hard for me to put on and take off my socks without assistance. I've tried out number of different health aids which didn't work for me, but after a friend recommended Easy On Sock Aid®and Easy Off Sock Aid®I can put on and také off my socks myself again. It’s great to have my independence back. Thanks.
The loss of independence an action as small as putting on your own socks brings is immense. As an adult with MS in my 40s and with loss of movement in not only my feet (drop feet), core stability and considerable loss of dexterity in my hands, the usual sock aids demand heavily of manual dexterity. Having battled with the one provided by my local OT team only weeks ago, I had to concede both defeat in putting the socks on it, ending up with a sock only half way up my foot (unhelpful) and that it had worn through its material covering only a few uses: poorly made. I have to ask for help, if someone is here, or spend the day barefoot. Searching the internet for something which didn't look like equipment on a hospital ward from the 1940s, was clearly functional and could cope with the poor 'push' one has in drop foot, this seemed ideal. It's a revelation. The small act of getting my socks on myself is a major and welcome step forward. Thank you to the team, Elspeth McPherson
I broke my arm while skiing which left me wearing a plaster for a number of weeks. It was nearly impossible to put on socks with just one hand but a mate got me an Easy On Sock Aid®which helped me do it easily myself!
Over the last few years I've had some health problems that led me to put on weight. Bending over has become difficult and putting on my socks is really uncomfortable for me. I heard about Sock Aid and have found it helpful in getting dressed every day. It's one less thing to worry about now, David Brown
For the last 12 months my wife has had to put my socks on for me, this was a back breaking job as i have to use the strongest compression socks there are, to keep my legs down, even the district nurses could not put my socks on like my wife, SO YOU CAN IMAGINE our DOUBT of your product, BUT, WOW WOWWOW, our first attempt ended half right, and then we could see the potential your gadget had, on second attempt after my wife refined the she put the compression sock on, i put the sock on UNAIDED, COMPLETELY UNAIDED, it was amazing we put second on, and sat there in disbelief, later at bed time i put my night socks on myself, and took them off myself this morning, this gadget is BRILLIANT, GREAT,FANTASTIC. i am w/chair bound, and have to wear compression socks everyday, and night,[ lighter strenght at night] this sock-aid is a great help to me and my wife, her back will be alot better now also. I SAY TO ANYBODY WHO NEEDS HELP GETTING SOCKS ON FOR WHATEVER REASON, invest in a sock-aid, on /off. My compression socks are the highest strength on market/prescription, this gadget copes with them easily. THANKYOU, sock-aid. M Mayhew
Hi, I purchased the sock aid item from your ebay outlet and i must say its the first sock dressing aid ive ever used that actually works for me. ive had arthritis since the age of 6 and im now nearly 40. It is going to save me a fortune, my care bill has gone through the roof recently because of a change in the local governement pricing so believe it or not this sock aid is going to save me around £100 per month in care bills…Thanks Mike
Dr. Paul R. Johnson, orthopaedic and sports rehabilitation
Easy On Sock Aid ® and Easy Off Sock Aid® are very convenient and so simple to use. They are designed to help the elderly and people of any age who suffer from chronic disease, recent injury or surgery that limits their personal mobility.

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